Plant protection/Pest- and Mosquito Control in Public Health (Photos Mexico/New Caledonia)

swingfog® Thermal Fog


swingfog® thermal fog generators are petrol driven (leaded or unleaded).

A petrol-air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber and oscillates a gas column in the resonator with a frequency of about 90 times per second. This creates a high-velocity air stream, to which the fog liquid is fed at the end of the resonator tube, is atomised into ultra-fine aerosol droplets and processed into a slightly suspended fog.
Petrol and the fog liquid are conveyed through slight overpressure in the respective tanks, which is generated in the carburettor of the device.
The complete petrol combustion ends in about the middle of the resonator tube. As a result, extremely clean exhaust gas is emitted.

The combustion chamber and resonator of a swingfog® thermal fog generator

With the exception of diaphragms and gaskets made of synthetic materials, the system has no mechanical moving parts and is therefore virtually wear-free.
All metal parts that come into contact with the fog liquid are made of stainless steel.

Areas of application

  • Mosquito, pest and parasite control, desert locust control
  • Plant protection in plantations and greenhouses
  • Stock protection (warehouses, silos, production plants for food, agricultural products, textiles and tobacco)
  • Disinfection in the human sector, livestock farming and food industry

Patented high-performance fogging tube, specifically for water-based fog liquids


Our patented high-performance fog tube, which was specially developed for fogging water-based fog liquids, is available for all swingfog® models (with the exception of the swingfog® SN 50A).

The high-performance fogging tube allows high spray outputs even with water-based fog liquids, and that in conjunction with an outstanding, homogeneous droplet spectrum.

This combination of a good droplet quality and high spray outputs is unrivalled by all other thermal fog generators on the world market.

Automatic cut-off device for the fog liquid

All standard models of the swingfog® machines are either equipped with an automatic cut-off device for the fog liquid or they are optionally available with an automatic cut-off device. If the petrol tank gets empty or when the machine is not correctly operated this safety feature is acting immediately and prevents the fog liquid from running into the hot resonator/combustion chamber. Oil-based fog liquids will not ignite and there will be no contamination of the resonator and carburettor system. There are also no deposits and contamination when water-based fogging liquids are applied.


The droplet spectrum of all swingfog® thermal fog generators complies with the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization), which specify a droplet spectrum with an MVD (Median Volume Diameter) of < 30 µm.